About us


In 1984, Inovacor co-founder Stig Lundbäck MD filed the first patent for a new pump technology inspired by the pumping principles of the human heart. This patent was based on his thesis dedicated to mapping the mechanical pump function of the heart.

This was the starting point of what came to be the DAPP-technology that is a new way of constructing unique pumps and fluid systems that can trace their features back to the heart.

Inovacor was formed to develop products based on this technology and has up until today presented new innovations in the fields of medical technology, clean-tech and renewable energy.


Inovacor is currently led by:

Stig Lundbäck MD PhD
CEO and Chief Scientific Officer

Jonas Johnson MSc
Senior Technical Officer

Advisory board

Per Winnberg
Senior Lawyer, Hellstrom Law

Gösta Lindh
CEO Stockholm Vatten

Pridu Pukk
Assoc. Proff in applied mechanics, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Fredrik Berglund
Assoc. Prof. in analytical mathematics and oceanography, KTH Royal Institute of Technology