Our Technology

All of Inovacor’s products are based on the Dynamic Adaptive Piston Pump technology; a pump technology inspired by how nature has constructed the human heart.

The heart has a unique design in the aspect of being a pump to enable it to carry out its two major functions:

1. To effectively pump blood around the body’s circulation at varying pressures and flows.
2. To always, as long as it is healthy, be able to regulate its output so that the pressures and the amount of blood pumped to the lungs and the main circulatory system is in balance.

The later function has been the subject of much theoretical speculation during the latest century since the explanation to how the heart can fulfill this task has not been known and no man-made pumps up until the DAPP-technology has been able to fulfill this task.

Pumps based on the DAPP-Technology have all of the functions of the heart and has thus marked the discovery of a new pump-technology.

Future inventions

The DAPP technology constitutes the basis for all of Inovacor’s products but also for future inventions. Below is a sample of a few interesting inventions that Inovacor has in pipeline.


Inovacor is currently working on a new type of gas-flow engine that differs greatly from conventional gas turbines. It is designed to operate at very high flows and also at varying pressures and flows in both directions while maintaining a very high efficieny.

Possible application areas for the CorEngine are:

  • Utilization of heat energy in the exhaust gases of car or ship engines.
  • Conversion of industrial waste heat from steam or other gas flows into electricity.
  • In Oscillating Water Column (OWC) wave energy converters where pressures and flows can vary greatly.


The CorWell is a hand-operated water pump intended for use in the third world where inadequate water supply and breakdown of pumps blocking drilling holes are common problems.

The CorWell does not require great strength to power but can still deliver large amounts of water in little time which is beneficial since in many parts of the world it is the duty of the women and children to collect water for the family. Furthermore the pump is very durable and compact minimizing the risk for pump breakage and should it happen, the pump can be easily evacuated from the drilling hole because of its compactness.