Inovacor AB holds several subsidiaries for products in later development and commercial stage:

GrippingHeart AB

The Cardiac State Diagram is a new cardiac diagnostics software tool that by quantifying and visualizing the performance of the heart’s mechanical functions gives a complete and accurate picture of the heart’s status. The Cardiac State Diagram is very sensitive to detect changes in heart functions and can serve as a preventive, diagnostic or treatment follow-up measure.

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SurfCleaner AB
SurfCleaner is a new and innovative way of separating debris and oil pollutions from water surfaces. It can recover a wide range of pollutions, is fully-automated and practically only contains a single moving part: a small propeller, making for a very efficient, compact and durable system.

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CorPower Ocean AB
CorPower Ocean develops a new type of compact, high efficieny wave energy converter. It has a high energy density and is expected to produce electricity at a considerably lower cost than existing technologies.

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